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SIB Has Helped Over 50,000 Medicare Beneficiaries

We believe in making your Medicare experience all about you and your needs. With 100+ years of combined experience and a network of 220 insurance carriers, we’ve been able to help thousands of people like you get the most out of Medicare.

Since our humble beginnings as a team of three, we’ve grown to become an agency of over 40 career-licensed agents throughout the southern United States. Starting in Fort Worth, Texas, we now help seniors all over the United States. The continued growth comes from decades of hard work and a shared desire to genuinely help people- something that will never change.

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Integrity. Honesty. Trust.

We truly care about your unique needs, offering unbiased guidance across top carriers at no extra cost. Our team simplifies the enrollment process and provides ongoing support for any future changes. We make insurance decisions easy and clear, always putting your best interests first. More than just enrolling you in policies, we build lasting relationships for your peace of mind and security. We’re here for you because we genuinely care.

We learn about your specific needs through a series of simple questions. This gives your agent the ability to create a plan recommendation.​​
There are hundreds of options to choose from. We compare them and help you understand the difference before enrolling.​
We take care of the enrollment process to ensure everything is done properly. We make sure you have no gaps in coverage.
All our clients get year-round policy support. If you need to update or change plans in the future, your agent will be there to help.

Our Process

Our Services

Financial Planning

Retirement savings are meant to last. Our financial team makes sure you have a strategy that works for your family.

Health Insurance

Your healthcare needs are unique and change over time. We make sure you have protection every step of the way.

Estate Planning

We understand it’s hard to think about your final hours, but planning for it is important for you and your loved ones.

Long-Term Care

How you want to live the final years is your choice. Let’s make sure you have the right plan in place when the time comes.

What's the right plan?

Choosing the right Medicare plan depends on your unique needs and situation. We simplify the process by offering personalized guidance. Let us help you find the perfect plan!

An experience centered around you.

With seemingly endless options to choose from, it can be a challenge to pick the right one. Our team has 100+ years of combined experience and represents 220 insurance carriers, with a common desire to help the people around us.

After talking to one of our agents, you’ll feel the comfort of having someone with your best interest in mind. We learn about your situation and needs, explain the options available, then compare the costs and benefits. After we find the right one, we make sure you get properly enrolled. As things change over time, we’ll still be here to make the changes and updates you need.

Our Team

We're dedicated to bringing the best experience to you with world-class support, a key part of Senior Insurance Brokers.

Jake Bailey

Managing Partner

Matt Allen

Director of Sales

Jon Rickman

Senior Operations Manager


Chris Weldon

Agent of the Month

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