About Us

Since our humble beginnings as a team of three, we’ve grown to become an agency of over 40 career-licensed agents throughout the southern United States. Starting in Fort Worth, Texas, we now help seniors all over the United States.

The continued growth comes from decades of hard work and a shared desire to genuinely help people- something that will never change. In recent years, our partnership with the Integrity Group has brought our company to new heights and opened the door to an exciting future.

Our Mission

For seniors facing a whirlwind of insurance choices, SIB stands as a trusted guide, distinguishing ourselves by prioritizing our clients’ unique needs above all. We offer unbiased, comprehensive guidance across the top carriers’ products, ensuring our clients receive personalized recommendations that best suit their circumstances at no additional cost. Our expertise simplifies the enrollment process and provides ongoing support for future changes, making insurance decisions clear, straightforward, and aligned with our clients’ best interests. We’re not just enrolling clients in policies; we’re forging lasting relationships for their peace of mind and security because we are people that care.

An Integrity Company

Integrity strives to make the process of securing health and financial wellbeing more simple, more beneficial and ultimately more human. By connecting people to the opportunities and relationships they need, we’re helping them make the most of what life brings. Serving millions of Americans, helping them be ready for the good days ahead.
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